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Zackary was born in 1998 on my birthday - we had gone to look at puppies, with the agreement that we would NOT get one without discussing it overnight. Well, Zack just walked right up to my husband and grabbed his shoe strings and his heart! He picked him out and Zackary came home with us that day. He needed to be adopted and needed a good home with patient people..and we're patient.
A intelligent, very clever puppy that is a Alpha dog..We have had to be very firm with Zack and hes been worth every minute. Hes a wonderful companion, very gentle, and boy! is he smart. He's our good will Chow. He loves people, and people start smiling the minute they see him.
He is a very large Chow -long bodied and taller then most, he weighs 75 pounds. He was neutered at 6 months (as all our animals are). As much as we love Zack, he is not a Chow to be bred..we believe very strongly that we must
leave breeding Chows in the professional hands. It is a strong responsibilty to breed and preserve the personality and integrity of the magnificent Chow Chow. Zack stands 27" at the shoulder-quite a sight-and a intimindating one to those who have never seen such a big Chow. Of course, he wins their heart immediately with his big toothy grin, and when he offers to "shake". He has been very disapppointed that some humans do not seem to know how to "shake". :)
He will also give gentle "kisses" and bring you his favorite toy so you can play with him. or you can pick one out of his basket.
Zackary can tell time too! At 3:30 he knows its time to ride to the post office with Dad. 
Zackary and Ben have been a very good match as companions. Zackary has let Ben know that he is the Alpha dog-
at Ben's playful age he readily accepts that. His favorite thing to do is walk under Zacks belly and then walk when Zack does. Zackary solves that problem by simply laying down on him. They hare lots of fun to watch play.
They both like the cats - but are totally intimindated by them. The cats rule! There are 5,  9-17 years old.
Zack thinks hes a very handsome boy. He is a "silent" Chow - he rarely ever barks and moves silently thru the yard and house. He does murmur and mutter tho.
Playing in the snow this week - Ben and Zack -3/05/2001

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