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Laughing Ben came to live with us december 30, 2000. He was 3 months old. His owners had already worked with him to train and socialize him. He has been a delight from the start!

Ben's first night here
When Ben came home, he never showed a sign of fear-his attitude seemed to be that he belonged here & what took us so long to bring him home! 12-30-2000
Zackary has a large laundry basket full of toys..he showed them to Ben, one by one, Ben carried a toy to a little pile by my chair..when the pile was just perfect for him, he laid in the middle and went to sleep. Such a happy dog from the start! He seems to be full of the sheer joy of living and it spills over to all of us as we laugh and play with him.
Ben thinks he belongs on the sofa
He is 5 months old here..he has a beautiful face..he's so black he's hard to photograph!
The photo above is Ben playing in the snow! 3-05-2001

Ben caught in the act! He swiped the cat's food, and fell asleep. Ben's 6 months old now -April 6-2001 and growing fast.

Come back and watch Ben grow up up with us!

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